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  • SINCE 1992

    Gold Pedestal Group, formerly Nanjing Gold Pedestal Real Estate Development and Operation Company, was incorporated.

    It developed several communities of commodity houses, and generally established a system of real estate development and supporting services.

  • 2001

    Nanjing Gold Pedestal Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded.

    It developedPuyuan of Phase I ofTangCitybeside Mochou Lake, involving high-end residential business type for the first time.

  • 2003

    It participated in the land auction for the first time and obtained a land lot in Xiaguan District, which was named as Green city.

    It developed the first project outside Nanjing ——YanchengJianhuOriental Plaza Project

    It established Gold Pedestal Property Management Service Company, and formally entered real estate property service field.

  • 2004

    Through the review of the Ministry of Construction, it obtained the state second-class qualification for development of real estate.

    Urban Villa of Phase II of TangCity obtained the Award of Innovative LandscapeInnovation Housing Model Projects of Chinain 2004.

    Green city was sold outin its first opening to market, and obtained the title of "Jiangsu Famous Building".

    Shops of YanchengJianhuOriental Plaza weresold out in its first opening to market.

    Nanjing Gold PedestalLandscape Engineering Company was founded.

  • 2005

    Sapphireof Phase III of TangCity obtained China CIHAF famous building award.

    Gold Pedestal Real Estate obtained the honor of Nanjing real estatefamous enterprise.

    Shandong Project was formally initiated. 

    Gold Pedestal Real Estate Football Club was established to drive the exchange in real estatesector.

    Gold Pedestal Dragon Boat Team was established, and won international and domestic competition awards for several times. 

  • 2006

    It obtained a lot in Olympic Sports New Area in land auction in Nanjing, which was named asBuena Vista International.

    Construction ofGold Pedestal Square was commenced, and Investment Attraction Management Center was established.

    It financially supported the construction of Shandong Gold PedestalYimengHope Primary School.

  • 2007

    Gold PedestalBuena Vista Internationalsold like hot cakes in its first opening to market, and elevatedresidences woninnovativehouse type award.

  • 2008

    Gold Pedestal Group was founded, andushered in a new era for the collectivization development of the enterprise.

    Buena Vista International was totally sold out, and Jinshang leads the development frontierof urban villas.

    Xinghu Bay Project in Changsha County, Hunan was formally initiated.

    BaogangGold Pedestal Square in Baotou, Inner Mongolia was formally initiated.

  • 2009

    Gold Pedestal Moon Harbour was initiated, and Gold Pedestalset up the development strategy of finished-productrefined decoration houses.

    Yancheng Company entered the main urban area of Yanchengto make development, and created Phoenix Plaza brand. 

    It obtained a lot in Olympic Sports New Area in land auction in Nanjing, which was named as Buena Vista InternationalLingjiang.

  • 2011

    Gold PedestalNoble Palace Project was initiated, and the refined decorationtechnology residence project was established for the first time. 

    Gold PedestalSquare, the first commercial and residential project was initiated. 

    Gold Pedestal- Mozambique cooperation was initiated.

    The grand TangCity10thAnniversary and owner appreciation activitywas held.

    Gold Pedestal Group Customer Service Center was established.

  • 2012

    Nanjing StateLeading Talent Pioneer Park Project was initiated.

  • 2013

    YanchengPhoenix Plaza obtained good results in marketing.

    It entered Qingdao, Shandong.

  • 2014

    Landscape and product upgrade strategy was implemented forGold PedestalNoble Palace, and the service standard was comprehensively improved.

    L-Park honorably won the title of state-level cultural industry experimental park.

  • 2015

    Noble Palace was sold out, and the status inurban luxury housing developmentspecialists was consolidated.

    September Forest Project in Jiangbei New Area was obtained, making deep ploughing in high-endresidential market.

  • 2016

    YanchengPhoenix PlazaXiyuan, won victory in Julong Center in its first opening to market.

    Riverside leisure business street, namely, Lucky Square starts business. 

    L-Park was reported by People's Daily and other central media to be an example for structural transformation and new development.

    It entered the development residential market in Germany (Munich and Berlin).

    Gold Pedestal Real Estate Football Team got into the finals ofChinese Football Association Cup.

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